Wednesday March 21, 2018

Pat McCabe Trophy 2015

Round 1 of the competition is Thu 21st on the A77 course, meeting at the Malletsheugh carpark (now Ivy India) at 7pm. Results and photos for this year's rounds will be posted on Facebook and this page.

The reigning McCabe champion from 2014 is Scott Milligan. Competing in each of the 10 rounds, Scott consistently improved and his fitness gains were evident as the competition concluded. Hat's off to you Scott! Full results for all participants can be found in the lower half of this page. Everyone that took part owes a great deal of thanks to Tommy Banks who again has given up many hours of his time to help out with timekeeping.

This is a 10 round Club only time trial event with each participant's best 6 rounds counting. This really is a trophy for everyone - more often than not it isn't the fastest or strongest that wins but the rider that punches above their own weight. The trophy commemorates former member Pat McCabe. We were delighted recently when Pat's nephew Stan contacted the Club and bought some kit for his own grandson, David who is turning into a keen cyclist himself (both pictured). His new kit will certainly stand out while cycling around his local Essex routes!!

We want a safe competition open to as many members as possible which is why we changed the format last year.

In the past results were taken from GWCC riders competing in open TT events around the west of Scotland. In the past few years though numbers competing have been low and those not wanting to race on dual carriageways or lacking expensive time trial equipment haven't been able to take part.

So from 2013, ONLY standard road bikes are allowed, quiet courses are used and as Club only no racing license is needed. Timekeepers will set riders off at 1 minute intervals and record all finishing times. The new setup was much more popular last year with 21 riders taking part in at least one round of the competition.

  • Club only, no need for a race license
  • Low volume traffic roads (no dual carriageways or drag strips!). Other courses include Campsie Glen, Georgetown Rd and the Ballageich Rd.
  • No need for expensive time trial equipment (road bikes only)
  • Times will be handicapped so anyone performing well against their own benchmark will do well
  • EVERYONE will get a good workout regardless of their standard
  • Missed a round? No problem, join at anytime, best 6 rounds count.
  • Dates for rounds will be published below - subject to change
Times for each round in full, compiled by Tommy Banks.

Final results for 2013's competition can be found under the following link - 2013 Results