Monday February 19, 2018

Club Equipment

Planet X Disc Wheel

Current Log

The Club has invested in a range of equipment over recent years. The intention of this is to help members train and compete to realise their potential. Our philosophy is very much one of sharing and fair use with an emphasis on equipment being preferentially offered to young riders with upcoming events.

The log below is both a record of what is available to borrow and who currently holds the item. It is imperative that users realise that is their responsibility to look after this item safely. Extra care should be taken with any special instructions - ie. all wheels in our stock have carbon rims and therefore the carbon brake pads supplied must be used - otherwise severe damage may be caused, which negligent users can be held liable for! Until your name is changed on the log you will be deemed responsible for the items' whereabouts and condition.

Additional equipment is also held for holding events:

  • Marshalls' vests

  • Race flags

  • Event Caution Signs

  • Stop Watches

  • Event Banners

  • Planet X Disc Wheel Planet X Disc Wheel